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Back Catalog (1994-2000) - Unfortunately everything is sold out and out of press.

Seventeen Releases - Thanks to all the bands!
The descriptions are from our old catalog, some of the wording may sound out of date.

EFR17 HEAVYWEIGHTS: a collection of the world's hardest (CD) Taking over a year in selecting the bands, this CD compilation features a selection of 20 of the world's hardest bands in the styles of hardcore, metalcore, and deathcore. Bands on the CD are Unearth, Red Sky, Clubber Lang, Nora, God Forbid, Dare to Defy, Undying, Cipher, FortyDaysRain, Day of Mourning, Diecast, Beyond all Hope, Through & Through, Crossthread, Jane, Unsound, All Is Lost, Red Tide, Deep and Final Hour.

EFR16 UNEARTH "above the fall of man" (CDep) These Boston hereos are creating a huge buzz in the underground scene. Combing aspects of hardcore with metal they have done what radio and zines world wide are calling "the breath of fresh air that underground music has needed". Are you ready for the next step in hard music?.

EFR15 CLUBBER LANG "varsity violence" (CDep) 5 songs of pure New Jersey Hardcore. Fans of Madball, Sheer Terror, Hatebreed and more will love this. Clubber Lang- Bringin' the fun and violence back into hardcore.

EFR13 RED SKY "knife behind the smile" (CD) -Crazy insane deathcore meets brutal hardcore. Blast beats, slow breakdowns, and plenty of double bass. Find out why everyone is calling them the heaviest band in North America!

EFR12 Crossthread / ThinkTank split (CD) Crossthread belt out their own style of technical metalcore combined with death styles-definitely for the more advanced listener. ThinkTank play that straight-up new school hardcore, breakdowns, sing-a-longs, finger pointing, all in that NYHC kinda way.

EFR 11 Over the Edge Comp Vol. 3 (CD) The final release from this classic series of compilations. Again we found some bands that were destined to be huge before anyone else even heard of them . This CD features : Neck (sft records), Compression (TooDamn Hype records),Diecast (Samson Records), Eastcide, Denile, Crossthread, ThinkTank, Die My Will, Southpaw and 9 more.

EFR10 GOLGO "triskadekaphobia" (CD) Not our typical release, this is CT ska-core. Good music when you wanna listen to something a little less hardcore. Put it this way, if it wasn't so incredibly good why would we even put it out? We thought you would get our point.

EFR09 FAULTLINE "roots of or rape culture" (CD) Full length release from this Connecticut Straight-edge political hardcore band, raw aggressive and to the point. Isn't that what's it all about? They held their beliefs high and drive their point home with TRUE DIY hardcore. If you believe that hardcore has a voice in this world, then listen to what Faultline has to say.

EFR08 Compression / War Prayer (split 7") Compression now on Too Damn Hype records kick out their own style of groove-hardcore, more on the metal tip.. War Prayer is death-core to the extreme (featuring members of Catharsis and Undying). These guys were playing death-core before it was even called that..

EFR07 Catharsis "we were sweating while they slept" (7") Their first 7" only on Endless Fight Records! Features vocals by Brian of Inside Front Fanzine.

EFR06 Over the Edge Comp Vol.2 (CD) Part II of this classic series of compilations. We found these bands before they emerged into hero status. This CD features : Overcast, Catharsis, Neglect, Dismay, Holdstrong, Arise, Withdrawn, Strength 691 (members of Ensign & for the love of) ,Lash Out and more.

EFR05 DISSOLVE "s/t" (7") Dissolve is one of the best bands to cross over into HC from the metal scene. Heavy breakdowns, nothing generic about these NY guys. If you are a fan of brutal metallic hardcore with screaming dual guitars, gut wrenching bass, and train like drums, Dissolve will smash your ideas of what you knew music as. Only limited edition red vinyl left. Hurry.

EFR04 TENSION "sickness of our age" (7") - Straight Edge Hardcore out of Florida. Sing -a-longs.

EFR03 OVERCAST "expectational dilution" (CD) Their First CD release, the first of the genre, see what this crossover band is all about. Absolutely insane, brutal music behind eerie death vocals and melodic singing.

EFR02 MAYDAY "lost in sabbath" (7"). This was history in the making, Holy Terror Hardcore from the inventors of it brought to you only by Endless Fight Records.

EFR01 Over the Edge Comp. Vol 1 (CD) featuring : Shift, Converge, Overcast, Mayday, Dissolve, Dive, Jasta 14 (Jamey from Hatebreed on vocals), Frostbite (members of Hatebreed), Times Expired and 5 more